Effective Email Marketing Strategies for E-commerce website to get Sales


Ray Tomlinson would never have thought that his simple communication tool would earn fortunes for the businesses. The email has never been so powerful until it reached the marketing wing that decided to bring email marketing strategies out of it. With more than 99% of the consumers checking emails regularly, this strategy was born to succeed.

Online businesses, especially e-commerce, have specialized needs. The online selling and buying of the different products and services demand the best email marketing strategies. The website of e-commerce companies can be a life savior and a dead-end both. You may have employed certain email marketing campaigns for routing traffic to your website but are you still far away from your prospective customers?

Is your email marketing policy personalized? What are the improvement areas? These are the basic questions that need to be answered before being a part of the eCommerce email marketing euphoria. More than 81% of the companies rely on it, so why are you behind the others in leveraging its benefits?

The following are the simple yet highly effective strategies to strengthen your e-commerce website to generate more profits:

Understand Your Customers:

Before shooting emails, it is important to understand your customers. It would help if you had insights about their areas of interest, their last purchases, etc. Apart from this, the deeper knowledge about their personal details like age, sex, location, etc., can help you redirect the right products and services.

You can collect this information from different online forms, subscription forms, etc. Running A/B strategy further confirms the client’s needs. Understanding your customers is the first step in designing an effective email marketing strategy.

Bifurcate your Mailing List:

All customers and their demands are different. Thus, there is a requirement for customer segmentation. This bifurcation can be achieved based on the customer details, their buying behavior, etc. This segmentation helps create a more customized email campaign for your customers.

This customer segmentation should be based on the customer preference, like mails about abandoned e-cart, similar products like last purchased, etc. It maintains the success of email marketing for promoting e-commerce websites.

Start with Welcome Mail Series:

With all the customer data ready about your customers, it is time for its best implementation. It starts with the user onboarding. It creates a positive first impression for all your first-time users. You can incorporate special onboarding discounts in welcome emails as well.

You can further include educational content in the welcome emails. A quick guide about online shopping or a quick tour of the website can help in the smooth absorption of new clients. Sending the welcome email series is one of the valuable tools in email marketing.

Power of Multimedia:

Why limited to text when you can send short and crisp multimedia to your customers? You can design an eye-catching mail with pictographs, short videos, etc. It guarantees you customer attention more than ever before.

The content in the multimedia should again focus on the customer’s needs. It shouldn’t be plain but engaging and elaborative. Adding responsive buttons can be helpful for taking the call to action. You can take professional help like iCustomLabel to design labels and stickers for your email marketing campaign to attract your customers and get more sales and leads.

Cross-selling and Upselling:

Cross-selling is a proven technique to boost e-commerce website sales. You can send mails to your customers focusing on cross-selling products. Many companies offer buy-together plans at affordable rates.

Upselling emails target the products similar to last purchases with advanced features to each customer. Companies can lure the customer to go for advanced products at affordable rates. Offers like free shipping, free returns, etc., can help generate sales from upselling mails. Other receipts follow-up emails can help you earn some referrals.

Wake up Your Least Interactive Customers:

Passive customers are an emerging issue for any e-commerce website. You can leverage the power of email marketing in waking up your least interactive customers. Sending them new offers, plans based on past purchases, etc., can help to revive them.

Email marketing is one of the reputed tools to share content with your passive customers. You can include a simple call to action in these emails to connect with your busy customers. The win-back emails and replenishment emails create a perfect opportunity for the least engaged customers to get back into the business stream.

Remember Special Customers Need Special Attention:

There are different types of customers for any e-commerce business. Your loyal customers deserve more than a newly gained customer. Thus, you can nurture your loyal customers and build a great brand impact by sending specialized discount emails.

Notifying your customers about the forthcoming sales, festival-based offers, etc., can keep your customers engaged in the long run. Keep the entry of your privileged customers always open for special contests.

Quick Tips:

  • Avoiding sending a mail without the call to action.
  • Treat every single customer as a VIP while sharing promotional offers, flat discounts, or discount codes in emails.
  • Remember, the key to success in email marketing is personalization.
  • Your marketing emails should be mobile-friendly as most customers check their inboxes on mobile only.


An effective email marketing strategy is more than a must for any e-commerce website. From touching the least interactive customers to engaging the prospective customers, there is nothing that a right email strategy can’t do. The power of email marketing is very well realized in lead nurturing as well.

Thus, your focus should always be on the quality of the email marketing strategy. It has measurable goals that require strict implementation for boosting e-commerce website sales. You can raise the bar by considering the above-mentioned powerful techniques to nourish your email marketing strategy.