Fitbit OS 5.2 update brings more health stats to Versa 3 and Sense



Vanessa Hand Orellana/CNET

Fitbit owners can download a new update in the coming weeks that will bring new health and smartwatch features to the $230 Versa 3 and the $300 Sense, the company announced Tuesday. The Fitbit OS 5.2 update adds high and low heart-rate notifications to the Versa 3, while Google Assistant now speaks audible responses on both watches.

Fitbit, which is owned by Google, launched two high-end smartwatches in 2020: the Sense, with an ECG app, stress detection and temperature tracking; and the Versa 3, with built-in GPS. Both watches received an update in December to add Google Assistant support and the ability to take quick calls on your wrist.

Here’s what else is new in the OS 5.2 update:

  • Blood oxygen tracking will now show up on your wrist alongside the rest of your stats in the Today dashboard. You’ll also be able to see your nightly value and range from the last night on the watch.
  • High and low heart-rate notifications come to the Versa 3, the same as the Sense. You can get a notification on the watch and in the app if the Versa detects your heart rate going above or below your set threshold.
  • Google Assistant can now speak responses back to you, like when you set an alarm or tell you sleep metrics.
  • A new clock face switcher lets you swap out watch faces with a long press on the main clock. 
  • Two new goal celebrations are available when you reach your main goal. 
  • Notifications now support Arabic, Hebrew, Hindi and Thai.

Fitbit also announced a Minions-themed Ace 3 fitness tracker for kids. It has themed clock faces and themed activity badges, and will cost $80.

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