Mercedes-Benz brings Apple Music integration to MBUX



Apple Music joins Amazon Music, Spotify and Tidal in being natively integrated into MBUX.


Mercedes’ MBUX infotainment system is among our favorites to use. It’s powerful, responsive and thanks to its excellent natural speech recognition, it’s easy to use while driving. Now, it’s getting better, because according to an announcement made Wednesday by Mercedes, MBUX is getting Apple Music integration.

Apple Music isn’t the first streaming platform to come to MBUX, but it’s definitely a big leap forward, particularly for iPhone users. It joins Spotify, Tidal and Amazon Music, and it gives users access to upwards of 75 million songs.

To take advantage of the Apple Music integration, Mercedes owners need to enable it in their personal “Mercedes Me” account just as they would with Spotify, Tidal and so on. Then, as long as they already have smartphone data set up for MBUX, they can stream away.

The forthcoming C-Class and S-Class will be the first to have the new integration, but other Mercedes owners with MBUX-equipped vehicles will get access to it after an over-the-air update gets pushed out sometime later this year.

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