Ford builds more Mustang Mach-E’s than regular Mustangs, report says

2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E GT Performance Edition - charging

Ford’s building more of these than it is traditional Mustangs.


Ever since Ford announced that it was going to call its first fully electric SUV the Mustang Mach-E, people have been complaining that it wasn’t enough of a real Mustang to wear the badge. So just imagine how upset those people are going to be when they hear that Ford’s production of the Mach-E has just surpassed that of the internal combustion version, according to a report published Thursday by Automotive News.

That’s right; Ford managed to build 27,816 Mach-E’s so far this year compared to 26,089 non-electric Mustangs. What makes that even more interesting is that while the Mach E has been selling like crazy since it launched, now it looks like sales are slowing. It’s not totally clear why, though it may be tied to the global semiconductor shortage or possibly the fact that Ford has largely worked through its pre-orders.

Ford boss Jim Farley told journalists last month during the F-150 Lightning launch that the company had “totally run out of stock” of the Mach E. That in and of itself isn’t surprising, given the supply chain issues that all manufacturers are having right now, but apparently, Ford is also down to just 24 days’ worth of inventory on the gas-powered Mustang, or about ⅓ of its typical stock.

Despite silicon woes, Farley is betting big on EVs and expects that 40% of the Blue Oval’s sales will come from electric cars by 2030. Sure, that’s less ambitious than other manufacturers claims that all their vehicles will be EVs by then, but Ford is a big ship and takes a long time to turn.

We reached out to Ford for comment but didn’t hear back in time for publication.

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