Kia 2021 Niro EV adds tech perks while maintaining the price

Car makers are fond of raising prices with new model years, particularly for tech-laden electric models, but Kia appears determined to buck the trend. Electrek notes that Kia has introduced a 2021 refresh of the Niro EV with a number of tech upgrades, but the same $39,090 starting price for EX trim you saw for the 2020 model. Even the upgraded EX Premium is just $60 pricier at $44,650.

These are upgrades you’ll notice, too. The 2021 Niro now includes wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. You’ll also get remote starting to help you warm up or cool down. A door-based rear occupant alert is now standard, and the driver assistance has grown to include a leading vehicle departure alert, a highway driving aid and navigation-based cruise control.

You likely won’t have a twinge of regret if you bought last year’s model. However, the 2021 update does make the Niro more appealing if you wanted more comforts. We already felt the Niro was one of the more practical EVs on the market with its roomy design, efficiency and included driver assists — this just makes a more compelling case for the zero-emissions crossover.

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