Prime Day 2021: Amazon Echo Alexa deals available now and coming soon


For fans of Amazon’s Alexa, Prime Day is one of the two best times of the year to add to your chorus of Amazon Echo devices. The other big price-slashing event — Black Friday/Cyber Monday — won’t pop off until November, so if you’re looking into expanding your menagerie of smart speakers and displays sooner than that, mark your calendar for Amazon Prime Day, June 21 and 22. 

Amazon has yet to release an Alexa crystal ball to show us exactly how low the retail behemoth plans to drop prices on Echo devices for Prime Day, so we’ve had to hack one together ourselves. To do that, we’ve taken what we’ve learned about how Amazon prices its listings, then made our best guess about what the lowest prices we can expect this year might be.

Keep in mind, these are educated guesses as to Prime Day prices (except where indicated), usually based on Black Friday sales or other sudden price drops over the last year or so. The “savings” listed are what you’d save by waiting for that suggested price drop versus buying now. 

Think of it this way: If shopping is a sport, and Prime Day its championship series, this is our version of the fantasy league. We’ve drafted a few players (the devices we hope to see go on sale for Prime Day) just to get the preseason started, but we won’t know the final score until the official game is played on June 21 and 22.


Amazon’s latest-gen update to its Echo Show 8 smart speaker comes bundled here with a Blink Mini security camera for $140, which represents a $25 discount (the full retail price of both would be $165) with almost two weeks still to go before Prime Day. Will the price drop even further? We’ll have to just wait and see.


Similar to the previous deal, but with the newly updated Echo Show 5 instead of it’s bigger sibling. This bundle also saves you $25, but that represents a bigger percentage off overall, since the Show 5’s price tag is $85 (versus the Show 8’s $130). Will it go lower? Only time will tell.


Some of the best Prime Day deals are often found in bundles like this one, where Amazon combines an Alexa gadget, such as this Echo Dot, with a popular smart home device, like this Sengled Bluetooth smart bulb. These kinds of deals can be tricky to figure out the total discount, since there’s two items whose prices fluctuate over time But that’s why we’re here, to do the heavy lifting for you. At publication, this bundle costs $50, but it was $35 just last week and it’s gone as low as $29 in the past. The bulb usually retails for $10, and the Echo Dot’s full retail price is $50, so you’re saving about $31 if our prediction pans out on Prime Day.


Here’s another place you’ll typically find huge discounts on Prime Day — listings for older, previous-gen or otherwise discontinued devices. This week, Amazon starts shipping the updated second-gen Echo Show 8, which boasts a much better camera and processor. This first-gen device, however, is still a totally capable smart speaker and display, even though it’s about to become antiquated. Amazon doesn’t always discount brand-new, next-gen gadgets like the new Show 8, so if you’re looking for a midsize smart display, this might the ticket. Last week it was priced at $80, but its historic low was $65. We’re hoping it falls even lower for Prime Day.

Tyler Lizenby/CNET

Another soon-to-be-outdated device (that’s also perfectly capable still and should remain so for years to come) is the smallest of Amazon’s smart displays, the Echo Show 5. The lowest price this Alexa device has ever seen was $45, which might make its current $50 price tag ahead of Prime Day look like a steal. But that drop to $45 happened when the device was still in its prime (no pun intended) so we expect this year’s Prime Day to knock it down even lower.


This listing is included mostly on a hunch that the price is going to fall when Prime Day kicks into gear. Why’s that, you ask? Because this listing has literally no price history, which means it’s new, and why would Amazon create a new bundled listing right now if not for Prime Day? Also, at full-retail, the Echo Dot costs $50 and the Blink Mini security camera is typically $35, so this listing’s current $84 price tag begs the question even further: Why have a listing for this bundle at all?