Score a NutriBullet Pro for just $60 and blend, baby, blend!




It’s not hyperbole when I say introducing a blender I actually like — and therefore use — has had as significant an impact on my healthy eating habits as anything else. I was scarfing nutrition-free bagels for breakfast every morning, but quickly changed to vitamin- and protein-packed smoothies, which, if you make ’em right, taste like a total treat. If you’re looking for a blender that’s both powerful and easy to use, NutriBullet’s Pro 900 can be had for just $60 on That’s $30 less than the same model is retailing for at Best Buy and it ships for free. 

The NutriBullet Pro 900 promises to pulverize “the toughest fruits, vegetables, seeds and superfoods” for ultracreamy blended drinks, not to mention homemade nut butters and veggie purees. In his review of the Pro 900, CNET’s Andrew Gebhart knocked the blender down a peg for its plastic build but lauded it for ease of use and quick cleanup. If your intention is to make smoothies, shakes and the occasional dip or soup, the 900-watt motor should have plenty of oomph, and sometimes a good price like this one makes a few minor deficiencies feel exactly that — minor.

This package includes two cups (a 32-ounce “colossal cup” with a silicone lip-protecting ring for smooth sipping in case you don’t have a straw and a 24-ounce cup with a handled lip guard), plus a flip-top to-go lid for easy portability.