The best snack boxes from around the world: Bokksu, Tokyo Treat, Universal Yums and more


It doesn’t seem like anybody can agree on much these days, but I think it’s a fairly universal truth that snacks are excellent. If you want the best snacks from around the world, a curated box of quality sweet treats and savory eats is the perfect subscription. Snack boxes and snack subscriptions also make an excellent gift to send someone in need of a cheese-dusted or cured-meat pick-me-up. Flowers are great and wine is nice too but nothing says “I’m thinking of you” quite like a surprise package overflowing with munchies, and your choices for snack boxes and subscription to order online are vast. So vast, in fact, that we’ve decided to test a few of the most popular snack delivery services and online snack subscriptions to find the absolute best snack boxes in 2021. From Japanese snacks, to keto-friendly nibbles and candy boxes for the sweet-toothed among us, there’s a subscription of snack-sized eats for just about anyone.

Similar to meal delivery services and other subscription services, snack boxes have really taken off this past year. Thanks to the internet and lightning-fast logistics, we have better access to rare and interesting snacks from all around the globe. A snack box or monthly snack subscription that curates deliveries of interesting and, in some cases, hard-to-find snacks is one of the best ways to track ’em down and try ’em all. 

There are loads of snack delivery operations in 2021, many with a niche or a specialty, curating mailings of munchies in a specific category. There are even healthy snack boxes that offer vegan snacks and keto snacks made with nutritious ingredients (like dried fruit, jerky and nut butter) for health-conscious snackers or people with dietary restrictions. You can have a food box delivered monthly with a subscription option or get a one-time order for a specific tasty snack, should you prefer.

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In the spirit of better snacking and tastier gifting, we’ve rolled up our sleeves and unwrapped the best snack subscription boxes and snack delivery services in 2021. Regardless of whether you have a sweet tooth, an office of hungry employees or are just in the mood for a variety pack that scratches your international snacking itch, we’re sure we have a snack box subscription option for you.

We first compiled this list of the best snack subscription boxes and snack delivery services before COVID-19 hit, but we still stand by the power of these tasty snacks. We’ll continue to update the list periodically as new snack subscription options become available.


The Japanese have snacking down to an art form. The Japanese art of snacking, you might say. Bokksu knows this better than anyone, collecting some of the best Japanese snacks and sending them in a one-time curated or recurring monthly snack box. And I have to say, I’m a little obsessed with these. The best part about the Bokksu box is that almost none of these Japanese snacks remind you much of snacks we already have in the US, but are (mostly) freakin’ delicious. Which raises the question: “What the heck are we doing wrong here, people?!”

Best snacks: Seaweed tempura, green tea and lemon cakes. Japanese candy — including yuzu gummies and matcha or strawberry Kit-Kats

Tokyo Treat

Tokyo Treat is another service that collects snacks, cookies and candy from Japan — which I’ve declared the snack capital of the world — and sends them out to you. Honestly, I’m beginning to wonder just how many amazing snacks exist in Japan because my Tokyo Treat box has almost none of the same stuff as Bokksu but was equally delicious. One thing I’ll say is that Tokyo Treat boxes seem geared just slightly more towards kids or families with lots more classic salty or strawberry-flavored snacks and fewer laced with seaweed or green tea.

You can choose either the Classic or Premium box with more items including Japanese sodas and subscribe for either one, three, six or 12 months. A single send of the Classic box is $25 and then gets cheaper the longer you subscribe.

Best snacks: Sakusaku Panda strawberry cookies, Yaokin Soba-Meshi rice noodle snacks

Not to be outdone, MunchPak features some of the best international snacks from around the world, including countries like Brazil, France, Canada, Greece and Japan, earning it a spot on our list of the best snack subscription boxes. While Bokksu is serving up 100% snack class, MunchPak has a few more, let’s call them, guilty pleasure snacks in its subscription box. If you’re a sucker for goodies like Flamin’ Hot Cheetos and Sour Patch anything but also consider yourself worldly AF, this is probably a good snack box for you. Boxes start at just $10.

I noticed in my MuchPak that there were a higher percentage of sweets — 15 sweets to just five savory snacks — just in case that helps you decide. For someone with a hankering for global sweet treats, it doesn’t get much better than this. 

Best snacks: Biscolata mood cookies, Kingsbury Flamin’ Hot Claws and Fini sour candy straws

Carnivore Club

If you’re into salty cured meats, jerkies and charcuterie, Carnivore Club is the way to go. This subscription box will include any number of salamis, meat jerkies, biltong, smoked sausages and more. The smaller Snack Box is just $30 a month and is mostly jerkies and meat sticks. Or you can go big with the Classic Carnivore Box for $45 which will include fancier fare such as jamon, bacon, salami and the like. 

Carnivore Club also has a full market of charcuterie and and a slew of special boxes perfect for a one-time send.

Best snacks: Sweet & smokie venison sticks, bison jerky, ighteous Felon Voodoo chile beef jerky.

Universal Yums

This food subscription box is sort of somewhere in between Bokksu and MunchPak. It also happens to be CNET editor Bridget Carey’s top snack box pick. With Universal Yums, you’ll get tasty snacks from around the world (like MunchPak) but of a slightly higher pedigree (like Bokksu), from sweet snacks to savory snack picks. Think good salted French chocolate, purple yam shortbread and Turkish-spiced Bagarati cracker chips. Boxes start as low as $13.75.

Best snacks: Black truffle potato chips, handmade baklava and garlic plantain chips

Candy Club

You get one guess as to what this snack gift box and monthly snack subscription box does best. But we’re not talking boring old Milky Ways and Skittles here: Candy Club sends its own candies and they change monthly for subscribers with a sweet tooth. A healthy mix of fruity, sour and chocolate treats with the occasional cake bites, caramel or taffy thrown in the monthly box. You can order a one-time or monthly snack box with six candy cups in either 6- or 13-ounce sizes.

Best snacks: Sour strawberry belts, chocolate toffee peanuts and cookie dough bites

Snack Nation

SnackNation is built around the idea that employees with access to good snacks are happier employees and I can’t say I disagree. SnackNation doesn’t have the most interesting selection of the snack box delivery companies on this list, but its packages consistently include tons of familiar fan favorite snacks. If you’re the big boss person, small business owner or HR rep trying to make the most people happy with one single snack delivery, a subscription to SnackNation is a good bet. Oh, and it also delivers coffee and fresh fruit, which I guess is technically a healthy snack.

Best snacks: Hu chocolate bars, Country Archer jerky and Naked Bear granola bites

Love with Food

This snack box subscription not only delivers a trove of sweet and salty snacks every month but helps in the fight against hunger with every package it sends. For every box delivered, Love with Food donates a meal to a food bank. This snack box company also happens to be one of the best deals on the list, with boxes of seven or more snacks starting at just $8. You can also nab a one-time snack tasting box for as little as $15.

Best snacks: Boom Chicka Pop popcorn, turkey jerky and sour gummy watermelon

Tasty Island Crate

If you’ve been to the Caribbean you know it’s not just about the beautiful beaches and rum drinks. The islands have a rich food culture and that extends to sweet and salty snacks. While Tasty Island Crate doesn’t have a subscription service yet, you can order boxes of banana chips, ginger biscuits, Shirley cookies, baked cheese sticks and more starting at $29. You can select a curated box or pick your own snacks, and shipping is always free. There were some great snacks in here but be warned: It is very cookie- and sweets-heavy, and the overall variety was not quite as good as some of the others.

Best snacks: Big Foot cheese snacks, bourbon cream cookies, coconut biscuits

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