cool and unique tech gifts for dad


A bunch of traditional and not-so-traditional gift ideas

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Father’s Day is only a few days away, but if you’re starting to panic — don’t. We know that finding a good gift for Father’s Day can be really difficult — especially with all those “traditional” dad gifts out there that are just, well, boring. So this year, we’ve looked around for some special, interesting gifts for dad in a wide range of types and prices.

We’ve got a bunch of stuff for the do-it-yourselfer: a Leatherman multitool, the ultimate gardening tool, and a whiskey- and rum-making kit. For the tech enthusiast, we’ve got a VR device, a gaming mouse, and a mini electric screwdriver set. And for the lovers of quirk, we offer a New York City brunch, a desk toy that can form a dodecahedron, and a subscription for two vinyl records a month, among a load of other great gift ideas. Enjoy!