Best Eero deals of Prime Day 2021: Save $70 on a 2-pack with Wi-Fi 6


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Amazon Prime Day starts Monday, June 21 and runs through June 22, but Amazon’s deals have already begun =– including some really attractive prices on Eero routers. If you’ve been planning to upgrade to a homewide mesh system, whether it’s a current-gen Wi-Fi 6 version or a budget-friendly Wi-Fi 5 model, Amazon has deals on both and this may be the best time to search for some of the best prices you’ll find before Black Friday.

It’s also a good time to think about upgrading if you and your family members will still be working from home for the near future or if someone in the household has become an avid gamer. The right router quarterbacking your home network can make a huge difference.

Wi-Fi 6 will make a big difference if you want high speeds in the far reaches of your home, or if you’re trying to build a connected home. Otherwise, it could make sense to save money. Eero has systems of a variety of sizes on sale as well, so you can find one to fit your space. 

Bear in mind, you can now get some really good prices from around the web even if they’re not part of much-hyped sales events which also include Target’s Deal DaysWalmart’s Deals for Days or Best Buy’s Bigger Deal.

Note that prices and availability were accurate at the time of publication, but they may fluctuate.

Eero router deals available now

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If you’re looking for a mesh system on the cheap, the latest version of Amazon’s own Eero dual-band mesh Wi-Fi 6 router and extender is a great option. It’s available now at an early Prime Day all-time-low sale price of $129. It’s not the fastest mesh router available, but it’s solid and the price can’t be beat.

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You can save even more if you have an extra-large home and need three pieces to cover it. This Wi-Fi 6 pack includes two extenders along with the router and a built-in Zigbee hub. 

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Alternatively, if you have a smaller place but want to leave yourself room to expand, you can get the Eero 6 router and buy the extenders separately when you get a bigger space — or need them. You won’t save quite as much, but this is a fine way to start small. 

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Amazon likes to use Prime Day to do a little house cleaning. The Eero Pro mesh Wi-Fi router is a good router, but it’s a generation behind. Eero has a Pro router with Wi-Fi 6, so Amazon is offering particularly nice deals on last gen models.

If you don’t care about Wi-Fi 6 and just want a nice mesh system, this is a solid buy. Bear in mind, we quite like Wi-Fi 6 for extra speed at range and for helping to handle lots of devices at once if you’re trying to build a smart home.


You can get a three-pack of the Eero Pro for a huge discount. This is an outdated model so the discount makes sense, but Eero has been making great mesh systems for a while.

We love Wi-Fi 6 and this model doesn’t have it, but it’s hard to argue with a discount this steep if you want a system for your entire home.

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