8 Early Black Friday TV Deals: 65 Inches, Mini LED, OLED, and More


Now’s a great time to grab a brand-new TV. We’ve been testing all the latest and greatest models all year long, but we’re just starting to see the first discounts on our top 2021 models. Whether you’ve been watching college football on Saturdays, starting the new season of HBO’s Succession, or playing your new Nintendo Switch OLED on the big screen, here are a few awesome discounts to upgrade your home viewing experience.

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Updated November 3: All of these deals are still active! We’ve added a new deal on a Sony Bravia, and we will continue to update this post as we get closer to Black Friday.

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Mid-Tier TVs

TCL 6-Series

Photograph: TCL

This is the sweet spot for most TV buyers, where you’ll find great tech and good interfaces at relatively low prices.

The TCL 6-Series (9/10, WIRED Recommends) has been our favorite TV for most people several years in a row, and this excellent 2020 model is still the one we’d go for. It has mini LED backlighting for better black levels and a very usable Android TV interface, making everything from downloading apps to casting from your phone a breeze. This deal is also available at Walmart.

If you want something a bit bigger than the TCL above, this model from Samsung is a solid option. I like that it has Alexa onboard, so you can set timers and ask it the weather. (You can turn off Alexa if you don’t want to use it.) This deal is also at Best Buy.

The 5-Series is the best TV under $500. You get a quantum dot display, an Android TV interface6 series, and Alexa compatibility. Plus, the included voice remote makes it easy to search for your favorite content. This deal is also available at Best Buy and Walmart.

Sony’s 48-inch OLED offers stunning picture quality, with those inky blacks OLED is justly famous for. The only downside to this one is it lacks the ability to play 4K video at 120 HZ, which means you probably don’t want to pair with Sony’s Playstation 5. This deal is also available at Target.

Big Screens

Looking for a huge screen to watch your favorite teams or TV shows? These two are good options.

Photograph: Samsung

The quantum dot technology inside this 75-inch Samsung makes it bright and vibrant, perfect for larger living rooms with windows. I also like the center pedestal stand, which allows the giant TV to fit on standard-size TV consoles. This deal is also available at Best Buy.

Sony is another maker of fine large-size TVs, and this one comes with Android TV built-in, plus Alexa compatibility for easy searching. It also has Sony’s awesome MotionFlow XR technology, which helps clarify high-speed objects like players and balls when watching sports, and all the onscreen action when gaming. The 85-inch model is also on sale for $2,000 ($500 off).

High-End Viewing

Photograph: Samsung

After a longer-term upgrade? Here are the best deals on some of the prettiest TVs on the market.

This is Samsung’s 4K flagship, and it’s an astonishingly good-looking TV (8/10, WIRED Recommends). Mini LED backlighting combines with the company’s Neo QLED quantum dot technology to make it the best screen we’ve seen in bright rooms (and one of the best we’ve seen in dark ones).

If you have a dark room to watch it in (or any room at all, really), the C1 is the prettiest TV I’ve seen this year (8/10, WIRED Recommends). It’s also amazing for gamers, thanks to HDMI 2.1 inputs and a 120-Hz refresh rate that delivers super-smooth motion onscreen.

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